Bakery(Cake,Bread,Biscuit) Auto Feeding Tray Packaging Machine

CHLB Packing Machine supply many kinds of food packaging solution.In one of our case, we received an inquiry from a Russian customer who was looking for the flow packing machine for moon cake.

Customer visited us soon after our initial communication. And replied us a very positive comment. Especially he’s very interested in our servo packing machine since the smart functions.

  • Empty prevention function
  • Product-cut prevention function
  • 99 groups of parameters storage

But this customer requested a highly automatic production, so he preferred a packing line. In the past, the packing line is equipped with a dual frequency packing machine that’s without smart functions. It may occur empty bags or the whole equipment will totally malfunctioned when machine cut the product.

This order from Russia is the first case of servo packing machine equipped with feeding line in China.

The servo system is more compatible to connect with external equipment, this machine will equipped with Thermal Transfer Printer and Ultra Violet Lamp.

Customer Requirements

Packing Japanese soft moon cake
Intermittent flow wrap machine for packing Japanese soft moon cake of size: (Diameter70mm * Height 35mm) with: 260mm film
Automatic Feeding unit.
Gas Flushing Kit (N2).

Continuous Thermal Transfer Printer (Ribbon 35mm).
Ultra Violet Sterilizing Tunnel.
Carbon Brush Online with Packing Film, for Electro Static Hazard.
Ultra Violet Lamp for Sterilizing Packing film.

Options Details:

Technical Specification

Output Up to 100 products per minute
Up to 40 m/min film speed
Product and film characteristic may affect machine output
Size Range
Package cut-off length 50-6000mm
Product width Max.240mm
Product height Max.80mm
Packaging Material Reel
Reel diameter ≤300mm
Core diameter ≤75mm
Packaging material width Max.500mm
Voltage 220V,50HZ
Power usage 4.3KW
Machine weight 2000kg
Machine dimensions L9627mm*W1977mm*H1600mm
Blade cut type Rotary cutter
Motor configuration Full servo
Optional Device date printer, auto feeder, gas charger, etc.
See Drawing

Since it’s not the Japanese moon cake production period, we use other substitute to test and the whole packing line runs very smoothly.

The servo machine is suitable for various products within size range and very easy to switch settings when change product. Customer very satisfied with the testing video and spoke highly of our R&D ability.

Learn More About Flow Wrapper CB-500S

Customer’s sure will strengthen our confidence in providing customized packing solution to all of them.

To achieve customers’ expectations and create profits for them is always our mission!

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