Bread Packing Solution With CB-350S

Bakery Packing Solution With CB-350S

Bakery Industry Packing Line Solution

Our company received an inquiry from a customer who was looking for a machine to pack the bread, cookie with below specifications.

Bread Pacing Solution CB-350S-Cookie

Product information

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 15mm
Weight: 10grams

Film Width


Chocolate With Tray

Product information

Length: 30mm
Width: 45mm
Height: 12mm

Film Width


Bread Slices

Product information

Bread slices in a tray
Length: 160mm
Width: 110mm
Height: 40mm

Film Width


Bread Slices With Tray

Product information

Bread slices in a tray
Length: 160mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 40mm

Film Width


Other Food With Tray

Product information

Other food in a tray
Length: 110mm
Width: 50mm
Height: 25mm

Film Width


Other Food In Solid Shape

Product information

Other food in solid shape
Length: 100mm
Width: 40mm
Height: 30mm

Film Width


In consideration of Indian customer concern the price first, our marketer thought that CB-350S can satisfy all the packing needs after estimating the performance of servo packing machine. Our servo packing machine is user friendly since its parameters storage function can save a lot of time to adjust setting while switch products.

Flow Wrap Packing Machine CB-350S

  • Motor & control: Servo drive
  • HMI interface: Touch screen
  • Structure: Carbon steel
  • Function 1: Empty bag prevention
  • Function 2: Product chopping prevention
  • Function 3: 99groups of parameters’ storage
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The customer wondered if servo packing machine can perform so well since he only use dual frequency packing machine before, we claimed that sample testing is for free and it shows the real performance.

Customer was very satisfied with the testing result, and said our servo packing machine is affordable to most of customers.

Before delivery, our technician set all the parameters as per each kind product’s packing specifications for customer. We usually invite customer to inspect, if they don’t have time, we will inspect for them and show him the inspect video for confirm.

Our servo packing machine is the best choice for the buyer with limited budget.

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