chlb packing machien in SPAIN

CHLB Servo Packing Machine Packaging Solution Working In Spain


In September 2017, we received an inquiry from Spain. Customer is also dealing in packing machines; their main product is vertical packing machine. This time they are looking for flow packing machine for bakery products.
Since customer not familiar with flow packing machine, we show our expertness to their initial consults.

And then we have their packing needs as below:

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
A=60mm (width) A=80mm (width) A=110mm (width) A=120mm (width)
B=200mm (width) B=250mm (width) B=360mm (width) B=400mm (width)
C=40mm (width) C=40mm (width) C=45mm (width) C=55mm (width)
Max Speed:180 bags/min (width) Max Speed:150 bags/min Max Speed:120 bags/min Max Speed:90 bags/min

CB-450S Packaging Solution

Then we work out the solution depend on the product data. In a view of servo packing machine is the tide of the industry and Euro customers value the user-friendly most, we choose a servo model for them. The film width is from 220mm~380mm; it’s within the film width range of CB-450S. In consider of the speed requirements, our engineer change single cutting knife to double cutting knives to achieve it.
After assembling and debugging, we test customer’s packing requirements with samples; the performance of CB-450S is as the video shows.

We deliver the machine as scheduled, and customer said they have confidence in expand business of flow packing machine after getting our machine.

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