Customer Case:Flour Dough Extruding And Packaging


Dear CHLB Packing Machine
Our company I****C is designing and producing machinery for filling and packaging
We are offering now a project of packaging creative/play dough in bags to one of our customers.
Please quote a complete line – extruder and flow-wrapping machine that meet the following spec.


This customer is a machine manufacturer with over 30 years experience and packing machine is one main category of their products. But they don’t manufacture play dough packing machine yet, so they are searching for a reliable supplier of this kind machine.

This customer pay attention to the production process supervision, punctual delivery time, after sales services. In a word, their supplier must be a substantial manufacturer with considerate services.


After customer clear with the after-sales service details, they are very satisfied. And then they visited factory before ordering.

Our inspect processes and production capacity is qualified, so is the packing machine since it’s CE certificated. Machine is full stainless steel and equipped with safety guards.


Among the 3 sizes, the φ42×L 90 mm is most difficult since the content of one piece is equal to 4.41 times of one pieceφ20×L 90 mm. According to this situation, our engineer adopted a more powerful motor of extruder to make extruding can reach such speed.

The extruder has 3 options:

4KW, for normal play dough

5.5KW, for hard plasticine or modeling clay

7.5KW, for big piece of material such as 500g, 1KG/pc




Packing speed

Flour dough

42 mm

90 mm

100 bags/min

Flour dough

32 mm

90 mm

120 bags/min

Flour dough

20 mm

90 mm

150 bags/min

We will use the most suitable configuration as per customer’s products.

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