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Flow Wrapping Machines For Different Bag Sizes

CHLB Flow Wrapping Machines are widely used in Food And Non-food Products in different pillow bag sizes. Machines are capable to wrapping products in bags from small to big for fulfill every customer requirements.

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Complete Packaging Line With Auto Feeder

The Complete Packaging Line With Auto Feeder provides a full automatic packaging solution. Improve packing efficiency and saving manpower. Widely used in products like: Wafer, Chocolate, Snack Bar, Instant Noodle and so on.

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Customer Cases

PE Film Bag Flow Wrapper CB-450XWS

Products That Needs Bag Packaging

CHLB Packing Machine provide Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine packing solutions for products like bread, biscuits, chocolate bar, vegetables, tissue, daily supplies. Every Food & Non-food Products that needs a good bag packaging with fast and money saving packing system it’s what we are doing. We offer customized packing machine with our flow wrapping machines to your every specific product requirements. To learn more, please contact with our sales managers about your products specifications or re-sale projects.