In the beginning of this year. We received an inquiry about oatmeal packing solution which requested a highly automation.

We are looking for aP1 520 series packaging machine to pack oat flakes and 

oat groats.

oat flakes density is 350 gr/lt and bag wxL is 200 x 325 mm..  

packaging material is HDPE/LDPE.  speed required net 45 ppm.

oat groats density is 752 gr/lt, and bag wxL is 110×260 packaging material 

is HDPE/LDPE. speed required net 60 ppm.

in addition we will require 1 former for 480 mm roll width.

we think one multihead gravimetric VFFS is fine for our purposes.

hot stamp sealing system and if you have metal detector and check weigher

 is also fine.

all measures are in mm.
product roll width bag length bag height
Avena mosh 600 g empaque regular 420 200 280
avena mosh 600 g 15% mas 420 200 320
Avena mosh 1000g empaque regular 480 230 350
Avena mosh 1000 g 15% mas 480 230 375
Avena perlada 1 lb empaque regular 240 110 260
Avena perlada 1 lb 15 % mas 240 110 295
Avena mosh 1 lb empaque regular 350 165 300
Avena mosh 1 lb 15% mas 350 165 340


After specialized in packing machine manufacturing for 20 years, we are transforming into packing solution expert gradually. We can not only supply the reliable equipment but also figure out the packing solution to customer.

As per customer’s requirements, the packing solution includes the equipment as below:

  • CBP1-520 VFFS machine(Full stainless steel SUS304)
  • 4 bag forming device
  • Gusset device
  • Strip bags device
  • Color type printer
  • 10-heads combined weigher (2.5L)
  • Z-type material elevator(Full stainless steel SUS304)
  • Working platform(Full stainless steel SUS304)
  • Finished products conveyor(Full stainless steel SUS304)
  • Weight checker
  • Metal detector

Our experienced technician will debug the machine before delivery. It can make all the equipment work well together.


Customer realized our expertise between the period of communicating and formulating the solution. Then they ordered soon.

It’s not so convenient for customer sending samples to us. So we use the similar samples for testing. Customer felt very satisfied.


Because some equipment are manufactured by our partner, we will also manage the production schedule well to ensure delivery on time. 

To provide customer good service is also our mission.

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