Full automatic oatmeal, corn grits, or potato chips packing machine

Inquiry In the beginning of this year. We received an inquiry about oatmeal packing solution which requested a highly automation. We are looking for aP1 520 series packaging machine to pack oat flakes and  oat groats. oat flakes density is 350 gr/lt and bag wxL is 200 x 325 mm..   packaging material is HDPE/LDPE.  speed required net 45 ppm. oat groats density is 752 gr/lt, and bag wxL is 110x260 packaging material  is HDPE/LDPE. speed required net 60 ppm. in addition we will require 1 former for 480 mm roll width. we think one multihead gravimetric VFFS is fine for our purposes. hot stamp sealing system and if you have metal detector and check weigher  is also fine. [...]

Plastic cup packing machine

Inquiry details In 2017, we received the inquiry from the Poland about the plastic cup solution. Our customer has already bought one flowpack,  now he wants to buy a second who will pack two products (attached), here is the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqqE5V_9KPU.  I will send you a package with samples.  All you need is 250 foil, maybe 300S better?  The product height is 66mm.  In the previous model I unscrewed the knife cover  and was a success. [...]

Sockets packing machine

Inquiry detail In 2016, we received the inquiry from the K*L** which is the famous electrical products manufacturer in South America. They requested a high quality of machine. They are looking [...]

Difference Between Servo Motor And VFD Motor

Servo Motor has many advantages to our flow pack wrappers.Check the difference between Servo Motor and Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) Motor: Difference VFD Motor Servo Motor Description Independent Force Transmission No Yes Independent Force Transmission [...]