Plasticine Automatic Packaging Solution(Stick Shape)

Plasticine Automatic Packaging Solution(Stick Shape)

With Model CB-100L

Plasticine production is by manually in last decade. There were common problems such as size uneven, shape deforming, material polluted by worker, high rework rate due to manual operation inefficient. The processes of production and packing is separated, makes the whole processes’s efficiency is low.

Plasticine Automatic Packaging Solution(Stick Shape)-Sample

Then our company developed the full automatic plasticine packing machine including automatic extruding material into solid shape, cutting by same size, and then automatic packing machine.When this machine released, many famous stationery factory bought it to make the plasticine’s production into full automation. With these years’s development, their business grew bigger and bigger by using our plasticine packing machine.

In consideration of Indian customer concern the price first, our marketer thought that CB-350S can satisfy all the packing needs after estimating the performance of servo packing machine. Our servo packing machine is user friendly since its parameters storage function can save a lot of time to adjust setting while switch products.

Automaic Plasticine Packing Machine CB-100L

  • 6 independent motors control extruding, cutting, horizontal conveying, vertical conveyinh, film moving and sealing separately.
  • Speed can exceed 200 bags per minute
  • Food grade SUS304 contact parts
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”The biggest plasticine manufacturer in Foshan has already bought near 20 machines from us.”

Our Full Automatic Plasticine Packing Machine VS Traditional Manual Packing

Full Automatic Plasticine Packing Line Traditional Manual Packing
process extruding and packing in one machine extruder – manual cutting – manual feeding – packing
product cutting automatic cutting according to the set length, accurate and efficient manual cutting,can not ensure the accuracy
product deliver automatic deliver the products into packing machine,no pollution and deformation manual deliver from extruder to the packing machine,will bring the pollution and deformation problem
labor cost only need 1 person to operation the machine,reduce labor costs needs at least 7 workers
Speed 100-230pcs per minute max 60pcs per minute
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