Plasticine Automatic Packaging Solution-CB-350XL

Plasticine Extruding And Packing Machine

Product Description:

  • Key parts of machine is adpoted of stainless structure, meet requirement of food QS and medicine GMP.
  • Controlled by dual frequency inverters and servo driver.
  • High sensitive electronic eye tracing system
    Temperature is controlled by independent PID, suitable for different material film.
  • Self-diagnosis function and display on the touch screen.
    Counting automatically.
  • Simple constructure, easy for maintainant

Product Description:Suitable for plasticine, play dough, epoxy glue, soft food etc.


Vertical Sealing Device

Horizontal Sealing Device

Control Panel for Extruder

Control Panel for Packing Machine

Plasticine Extruding And Packing Machine

Plasticine Cup Filling Packing Machine
Model CB-350XL
Film specifications Width:≤350mm   Thickness:30~70um
Max packing speed Single/Double Knife: 100/200 bags/min
Speed of cutting plasticine 30-300pcs/min
Length of plasticine 40-100mm
Max dia. Of plasticine 60mm
Power requirement 380V, 50HZ
Machine weight 1100kg
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