Sandwich Biscuit Packing Machine

  • Uses the color touch screen control, simple operation, easy to use.
  • Uses the microcomputer control, stable and reliable performance, stepless speed regulation.
  • High sensitivity optical eye detection, automatic stop material shortage, keep the machine clean.
  • Materal, thickness is easy to adjust, positioning precision.
  • Realized from the implementation of automated production to packaging machine biscuit sandwich machine. biscuit packaging to achieve diversification.
Sandwich Biscuit packing machine CB-B21A

Single Cream

Sandwich Biscuit packing machine CB-B21E

2 Cream Mixing

Sandwich Biscuit packing machine CB-B332

Double Cream


Biscuit Packing Size

Biscuit Shape Round(Φ) Square(L)
Single Cream 35~60mm 35~60mm
2 Cream Mixing 50~65mm 40~65mm


Capacity 33~600 sandwiches/min
Machine Size 7600mm*1600mm*1600mm
Power 10KW

Flow Wrapper For Biscuit Packaging

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